At the end of the last century, Estonian started to adjust its veterinary system to EU laws. In order to participate in the common market, Estonia needed an effective animal by-product rendering system. In 1990s meat proccessing plants were not equipped for implementing contemporary rendering systems and the private sector was not ready to take on the investment risk.

The new government of 1999 decided against state-founding the building of the new specially designed rendering plant. The Minister of Agriculture, Ivari Padar, designed a scheme according to which the new plant would be created on the terms of private law and commercial priniciples.

Shortly after that (05.06.2001) the government led by Prime Minister Mart Laar adopted the decision no 373 „Establishing State Animal By-Product Rendering Incorporated Company“. Soon a private company collecting and rendering animal and other by-products of the agricultural sector and food industry  was created. Thus 05.06.2001 is AS Vireen`s birthday (even though the initial name of the company was The Animal By-Product Rendering Plant of Väike-Maarja).

In the following three years, the neccessary preparations were made and the rendering plant was built in the Ebavere village in Väike-Maarja parish. The plant started working on 01.01.2005 and in the following six years during which it was led by Peeter Maspanov, the plant operated smoothly and offered its services in an effective and sustainable way. 

In 2008 the business model changed. First the plant stopped outsourcing the pick-up and collection service and bought new veichles. Then the reconstruction work on waste water cleaner started (total investment cost 2 million EUR). New services were developed and the company started marketing new products. Due to these changes, the Minister of Agrculture, Helir-Valdor Seeder, designated on 11.01.2011 a new name to the company – Vireen Ltd.