Vireen Ltd. bases its functioning on innovative ideas and implements modern technologies that meet all necessary social, environmental and financial criteria.

Since 2004, AS Vireen has been using a thermal oxidizer for ambient air protection. Thermal oxidizers are the best solution for reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds.

In 2012, Vireen Ltd. implemented a new waste water treatment system which is able to provide high quality water ready to be released into receiving waters using only biological waste water treatment. The new wastewater treatment system has cut costs in a significant amount and opens new business prospects.

Together with its partners, Vireen Ltd. has carried out numerous researches regarding the quality and combustion properties of meat and bone meal and technical fat.

Vireen Ltd. is also developing new services regarding the wastewater treatment.


In 2013 Vireen Ltd. started the renewal and replacement of production equipment and technologies. In 2013 we invested 898 000 EUR, in 2014 we invested 999 000 EUR and in the following year plan to invest 375 000 EUR.